A Real French Bistro !
Come experience a true Parisian bistro!


Discover the flavors of a true single Parisian cook.


Because, every day is unique, our daily specials varies chief desires and freshness of products

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They ate at the Comptoir...

Clients Review …

  • "Home friendly and simple meal"

    Jerome H.

    Home friendly and simple meal, and quality; Quiet neighborhood, which is lively and presence of theaters.
    Discovery of this place and recommend it.

  • "The staff is friendly"

    Delphine G.

    Good food. The staff is friendly and the food served until late at night. Not aggressive and did not hurry us all

  • The decor gives the place a cozy atmosphere

    Gérard B.

    We stopped here for drinks a few times because it was near our hotel. The cocktails are good and good value. The decor gives the place a cozy atmosphere - I love the GIS wall on the far wall. The food was good but we did not eat. If you are close - stop for a drink)

Why come to The Comptoir

We reflect the Parisian spirit

From the time that we wanted to find the cozy atmosphere of the famous Parisian bistro!

We decided to undertake this project to restore the authenticity of a place frequented by all for so many years.

Taste the atmosphere, everything is there. We await you with a smile and our sympathy!

the Director


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