Our Menus





  • Chicken liver terrine with onion marmalade

    • Prix6,00€
  • Grandma's Egg casserole

    • Prix6,50€
  • Hot goat cheese salad with roasted figs, raisins and nuts

    • Prix7,50€
  • Salmon tartar marinated in dill

    • Prix7,50€
  • Cured ham salad, chilled parmesan cream and cherry tomatoes

    • Prix8,00€
  • Plate of assorted meats

    • Prix8,00€

Salads and Pastas

  • Cannellonis with parmesan gratin and vegetables pesto stew

    • Prix14,00€
  • Large hot goat cheese salad with roasted figs, raisins and nuts, and roasted potatoes

    • Prix13,90€
  • Large cured ham salad, chilled parmesan cream, cherry tomatoes, and roasted potatoes

    • Prix14,50€

Our Platter

  • Cured ham, dried sausage, sausage in wine, rillettes, chicken liver tartine and assorted cheeses

    • Prix16,90€

Children's Menu

  • Minces beef, french fries and a scoop of ice cream

    • Prix9,50€

    (chocolate, vanilla or lemon)


  • Charolais beef tartar with french fries & lettuce

    • Prix14,90€
  • Butcher’s choice, gratin dauphinois, sauce béarnaise

    • Prix15,00€
  • Charolais cheddar burger with french fries & lettuce

    • Prix15,50€

    (cheddar sauce, 180 gram patty, smoked breast meat and shallot fondue)

  • Large cut of roasted pig in braising juices with buttery mashed potatoes

    • Prix15,90€
  • Seven hours leg of lamb, buttery mashed potatoes

    • Prix19,50€
  • Salmon tartar marinated in dill with french fries & lettuce

    • Prix15,90€
  • Cod fillet, Japanese vegetables pot-au-feu, basil olive oil

    • Prix17,50€
  • Dish of the Day

    • Prix11,50€
  • Quiche of the Day

    • Prix7,90€

A Small Bite?

  • Le Casse-croute du Comptoir…

    • Prix7,50€

    (country tartine, sausage in wine, dried sausage, chicken liver terrine and salad)

  • Pastrami Bagel

    • Prix7,90€

    (salad, tomato, basil and pastrami)

  • Croque tartine

    • Prix6,90€


  • Gourmet coffee

    • Prix6,90€
  • Our Grandparent´s Floating Island

    • Prix6,00€
  • Tarte tatin with salted butter caramel double cream

    • Prix7,50€
  • The All chocolate dessert of Le Comptoir

    • Prix7,90€
  • Shortbread cookie with lemon zest cream and lemon juice sorbet

    • Prix7,90€
  • Chilled strawberries with vanilla ice cream and wafer cookie

    • Prix6,90€
  • Assortment of unpasteurized cheeses

    • Prix9,00€
  • Icecream scoop

    • 1 scoop2€
    • 2 scoops3,50€
    • 3 scoops5€

    (chocolate, vanilla, lemon)

Our Brunch

served every Sunday from 11:30 – 4

  • Scrambled eggs in a chive cream, roasted potatoes, salad Salmon tartar marinated in dill or minces beef marinated in spices Soft white cheese with figs, raisins and nuts or salad with vanilla flavored fruits Fresh squeezed orange juice Hot drink (expresso, double expresso, coffee with cream, tea or chocolate) Little pastry

    • Prix19,50€